How To Cry On Demand

Whether it's for a potential acting gig or to manipulate your significant other, here are the steps to cry real tears on demand :

  1. Focus your mind
  2. Think about someone you love dearly ( like a parent or loved one)
  3. Imagine a scenario where they are getting hurt in a horrific painful way (burned alive or torture)
  4. Imagine this person begging and screaming in agony
  5. Let you mind flow with the scenario until tears begin to well in your eyes
  6. Keep going for a real water show!

Sad Music of 2012

These are the best saddest songs released so far in 2012.

Frou Frou- Let Go
Coldplay- Don't Panic
Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
Oasis- Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Goo Goo Dolls - Name
Goo Goo Dolls- Just Want You to Know Who I Am
Radiohead- High and Dry
Rachel Yamagata- Be Be Your Love, The Reason Why
Anna Nalick- Breathe
Jewel- Hands, Foolish Games, Who Will Save Your Soul, You Were Meant For Me
Dido- Thank You, Here With Me
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
Zero 7- In The Waiting Line
The Cute- Love Song 

The Shins- New Slang
Five For Fighting- Taking Chances
Verve Pipe- The Freshman
Adele- Somebody Like You
Davichi: Don't say goodbye
Kiss- Because I'm a girl

Taeyang- Wedding dress
2am- I can't let you go even if I die
SNSD- Star Star Star
Fate - Why
Super Junior - Memories
TVXQ - Love In the Ice
SNSD - Dear Mom
SHINee - Honesty
MC Mong - Sick Enough To Die
Bruno Mars- It Will RainChristina Perri- Jar of HeartsAvril Lavigne- Everybody Hurts

Depression Test

1. Do you feel like you're always tired or fatigued? 
2. Have you lost interest in everything you used to love?
3. Do you have intense feelings of guilt?
4. Do you feel worthless?
5. Are you sleeping all the time, or not at all?
6. Do you have recurring thoughts of your death?
7. Do you fantasize about committing suicide?
8. Have you lost your interest in sex, or having extreme promiscuous sex out of the blue?
9. Do you think everyone else would be better of without you?
10. Aside from dieting, have you gained or lost a lot of weight?
11. Do you have high levels of stress or anxiety?
12. Do you fake smile when people are around so nobody knows you're sad?
13. Do you cry often?
14. Do you feel like you've run out of tears?
15. Do you often think you hate yourself?
16. Do you have constant chronic pain or headaches?

If you've answered yes to at least 3 of these questions you are clinically depressed. It is recommended that you see a psychologist, or therapist, to receive the treatment you desperately need. Get help before it is too late!

If someone you know is experiencing these symptoms they need help!

The Saddest Online Stories Volume 1

Here are some sad stories from the vast internet guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye:

For me it would have to be Haylee Mazzella (13/7/01- 3/6/06) She was a four year old who drowned in a swimming pool at a relatives place. Her mum had gone inside to change her little brother for the ride home, thinking the step grandmother would look after Haylee as she promised because Haylee wanted to swim for 10 minutes. But she didn't because she left Haylee alone and thus although she was taken to hospital and the doctors did everything they could for her... Haylee died.Yeah, I just tear up a little thinking about it because it should never have happened.- Lils
I forgot the details and the victims name. But a while ago there was a homosexual, who got attacked by two men just because he was gay. Brutally attacked then left tied to a fence to die. I'm not going into detail about it, but when his body was found, his face was covered in blood, all red, apart from 2 little lines from him crying. I'm not sure if this makes me sad, disgusted or just outright angry.- Bob McAnonymo
On the news a little boy was playing hide and seek with his parents and the little boy found an old microwave with the lid facing upwards in the back of and old pick up truck. he thought it would be a good place to hide so squeezed in and shut the door. His parents couldn't find him anywhere they looked and looked and eventually called the police. When the police arrived they looked as well but nobody could find this poor child. After hours of searching one of the police officers found the old microwave with the poor trapped boy inside. he called all the other policemen over and they cut it open to free the child. Eventually the boy was free and was rushed to hospital. The doctors did everything they could but unfortunately... the boy did not survive. :'(- hello x
My daughter goes to afternoon Pre-School and I was going to drop her off on my way to work. She asked me if we could go to McDonald's for lunch, so that is where we went.We were sitting there eating our meals (in the "Kids'Section") and a woman was sitting at the next table with a little boy. The little boy was cute and my daughter started talking to him. The woman then told me that the boy's father had been killed in a car accident on Monday.Not only that, but the Mom gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday. I was sitting there stunned when the big brother ran up to me (6 year old) and told me "My Dad was killed in a car accident..."I sat there stunned and all I could say was, "I know...I'm so sorry."I had tears in my eyes as I watched the woman and the boys leave the restaurant. I didn't want my daughter to see because she wasn't paying attention and didn't know what the woman had told me. This world just isn't fair sometimes.- driver8
seeing my sister fall of of uneven bars, and get paralyzed from her waist down. then having her go into a coma (all from the fall)and she never woke up after 3 months. and then she woke up on my birthday. i had a party a week before, and my wish was that she would wake up, and well...i really do believe in miracles. but those three months were horrible for me. my sister died a month later from kidney failure. I was only 13 when this happened...and this could also go for your other quetion..."what was the hardest thing for u to deal with?"- kara B
Being told 7 months ago that I have 2 months to MAYBE a few years to live.... I've beaten the 2 MONTH mark---now I'm hoping to make it past the other end of the spectrum (maybe 4 more years)... however, even though this was VERY sad for me at first, it turned into something very good---When the doctors told me, at first I was sad, but since then, life has been so much better then it's EVER been before. I laugh more, I enjoy more, I SEE more and I appreciate EVERYTHING around me more then ever before....I've tried new things but I DOUBT I will try BULL riding or bungee jumping but I feel much more FREE now then I've ever felt in my life-----Tim McGraw was right----everybody SHOULD get the chance to "LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING"....!!!- LittleBarb
A girlfriend of mine after being together for 14 years decided to put the house up for sale and moved out all of her belonging's, and leaving mine behind. At the time this happen i was in the hospital for 2 weeks suffering from a mild stroke. Till this day her family friends, and myself don't know the reason why she did this. I was so very kind and thoughtful to her and also did everything for her around the house when ever something needed to be done. This is how i got repaid.- Arthur A
Getting teased and bullied when I was a kid growing up. I looked a lot different before braces and other changes and loneliness was a common factor of my childhood when it came to recess and the classroom. I'm out of that awkward stage and have had many friends for a long time, but my heart breaks when I see kids who are like I was when I was growing up.- LaPrincesse
I tryed to kill my self when i was 8. I walked past my mom with a knife in my hand and she just stared at me. Latter ,in the bathroom, I realized that my mom was just to high to stop me. (she was a heroin addict)- sleeping in the sun
from the ages of 8-13 i was sexually abused by my stepdadbut i couldnt say a word, not only because i was afraid of what he might do,but also because my mom had cancer and a very unstable heart condition and i thought telling her would upset her so much that it would kill her. it was the roughest time of my life, i had to grow up fastbuut things are all good now in the end, i think its helped me become stronger i can handle anything thrown my wayof course i wonder what id be like if i just had a normal childhoodbut oh well its made me what i am todaythe thing is,i coulda let this lead me down a road of no returnlike ive seen many people around me do,but i decided to not let him winhe wanted me to suffer and now he will soon be suffering in jailand i will be out living life in vegassss baby =Dwell i just felt the need to put this out therealthough i dont normally do thishopefully my story helps someone thofkjghbefrjk