8 Daily Activities That Help Fight Depression

Depression is one of the hardest mental and emotional conditions to deal with. It is easily confused with day to day sadness, which can lead to judgmental comments from family and peers, but depression goes much deeper than having a bad day. A loss of hope is a common side effect of depression, but it is important to remember that taking small steps toward self healing can have a big impact in the long run, because depression is not something that can be overcome over night.

We list a few ways to overcome the sadness, fatigue, and loss of hope that comes with depression. Doing at least one of these activities once a day will help combat the symptoms of this common illness :

1. Do an intense exercise workout. Your body will release feel good chemicals as your rip through your muscles.

2. Listen to emotional, sad songs and cry it out.

3. Watch sad videos of foreign commercials featuring people that are worse off than you.

4. Go outside and feel the sun on your skin. Lacking Vitamin D actually contributes to depression symptoms.

5. Read that good book you've been putting off. Distractions are one of the keys to forcing depression to fade.

6. Feel accomplished by cleaning a small area or corner of your home, be sure the area is small enough to be manageable no matter how lifeless you feel today.

7. Practice smiling in the mirror.

8. Watch art (emotional auditions, dance, music) videos that make you cry.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, you can always speak to a compassionate person for free at :

Remember, you are never alone, and you are loved, call the suicide hotline above and speak to a doctor if you cannot fight your depression alone any longer!

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